Friday, February 24, 2023


The Neo-Marxist Obsession with “Equity” and Victimhood in a Time of Blatant Nonsense

If you throw a handful of coins in the air, when they fall to the ground they do not uniformly fall in neat evenly spaced order.  Some are grouped into clusters, some less so.  Randomness does not produce equality (uniformity).  So it is that, in any country, specific groups of people at specific times come to dominate certain professions. There are a wide variety of factors that drive variation, whether that variation occurs in the growth of plants, the distribution of illness, or the tendency for certain groups to dominate certain fields. This is not to say that factors of injustice or manipulation do not, in some times and places, skew such results.  It does accurately note that, even in a “level playing field,” particular people everywhere will come to dominate certain livelihoods. Before the technological advances in modern history occurred, the biological realities of childbirth found most women in the role of “mother” — domesticity and nurturing.  Body mass and hormonal difference pretty much destined men to roles of hunter, builder, and warrior (youthful death and injury).  These variations were not reflections of “capitalist injustice,” “patriarchy,” or any other concoction of contemporary grievance-mongering.

In our own time, a variety of factors have advanced civilization in such a way as to afford a significantly wider array of options to one’s life path.  A goal of affording equal opportunity to everyone can now override the rigid fates of past eras. 

There are some who believe that modern critical appraisal justifies the codifying of every dream and wish into reality, that the system compel “equity” — equal outcome.  In the obsessive control-freak’s political paradigm; race, gender, sexual orientation and every type of human variation should fall uniformly into every category of career, class, or lifestyle.  It has now become a crime in some eyes to marshal one’s individual abilities toward success if there are others less endowed. 

Everything initially emerges in a unique time and place, setting it upon a unique path.  Some paths will be similar and some wildly divergent.  There isn’t an atom in existence that is truly “equal” to another. It’s circumstance and fate manifest within a genuine “diversity.”  Leftism in all its guises through history has sought to freeze every soul into a rigid and imposed stasis void of unique and creative impulse.  With all the terrible attributes that occur under such contrived leveling, it’s hard to overlook the fact that it’s also just plain boring. Equity imposes upon humans a sterile inhumanity akin to mere office supplies, all ready to function at the behest of a notably UNequal ruling caste of philosopher kings.

We are told that it’s racist to suggest that any group, in a particular time or circumstance is prone to “laziness” or criminal violence while at the same time, arriving on time, using objective scientific judgment, honoring math principles is seen as a mere construct of people with light skin. One person’s lassitude is another’s resistance to the system I suppose.  Almost every group has been the master or been the slave at some time.  Trace your roots back far enough and you’re sure to find both scoundrels and saints. 

In the fanciful illusions of “multi-cultural” shamans, millions of migrants descending on France or Sweden have produced no change to those countries. God forbid one note an increase in crime correlated to the arrival of youthful males from “patriarchal” cultures. 

While the political ideals refined in the European Enlightenment steer us to justice and the hopes that opportunity will be fairly distributed, the relatively new insistence that everything  in the universe line up neatly into evenly distributed outcomes is absurd. 

The folly that equity demands has progressed, as those who once pleaded for justice now demand submission.  We are now told that those with darker skin “can’t be racist” as — largely white — intellectuals now insist that light skin denotes moral inferiority and a proclivity for evil. 

A true non-racist simply doesn’t care about these issues.   They neither love nor hate the idolized group du jour. 

Truth be told, like many, I’m getting sick of hearing the whining strains of the mock victimized.  We’re supposed to pity the pervert who wants to flaunt their niche sexual deviations in front of elementary school kids while chastising the nuclear family and those who adhere to the life standards of millennia. 

Everyone experiences rip-offs, power-plays, and misfortune at the hands of man and nature.  Steve Jobs was no doubt “privileged” if one gauges his fate by his bank balance. Cancer didn’t consider his skin color when addressing his “privilege.” 

It’s time to give the neo-Marxist mongers of B.S. the yawn and eye-roll they deserve.  Demonstrate to earthquake victims, children with  birth defects, and war-injured soldiers that you care about real victimhood. And, show the charlatans of pathetic complaint that you couldn’t care less about their concocted nonsense. 

Sunday, February 19, 2023


Trip land

For those who have experienced this…situation…before 😊,  how in the hell is a computer simulation so able to accurately mimic these effects ?

Friday, February 17, 2023


“Hitler was a ________”

A common debate that often occurs in comment threads addresses the definitions of “socialism” and Nazism. It’s not enough to simply note that Nazism is National Socialism

There are always diehard leftists in the debate who can’t fathom the likeness of their own beliefs with the object of their pervasive projection.  Stalin hated Trotsky and Khrushchev hated Mao.  When leftists are seeking power one can be sure that they will hate competitors regardless of how much both may hate their common enemy — individual freedom.

This video is absolutely excellent in dispelling the myth that Nazism was somehow  the polar opposite of socialism.  The key point made in the video is that socialism predates Marxism, and while Nazis were not Marxists (excepting propaganda minister Goebel’s self-description), they are very much socialists, fully opposed to a free market capitalist  system.

I’ve never met a socialist of any strain  that was not in some  way sympathetic to the idea of  a centralized and powerful state controlling free thought and action.  One can add variations to basic theory, (e.g. supporting nationalism, internationalism, racism, or classism) and still hold a common belief in the absolute authority of collectivism trampling individualism. 

Again, a brilliant well-argued appraisal of the issue.

Thursday, February 16, 2023


The Sickness Grows Deeper

 I, for one, will be cheering on the well-deserved backlash. 


 Establishing a communist dictatorship.

(Watch the interview excerpts. Anyone who is okay with this shit and calls themself, “liberal” is lying through their teeth. As poetic Justice, “the revolution” ultimately eats its own)

Monday, February 13, 2023


 Anti-commie  hip hop…

Wednesday, February 08, 2023


Feeling vs Thinking

 Imagination and feeling "moves mountains"...

Practical reasoning and common sense applies itself to those things that can really be done (and appreciates the mountains where they are).

When we are without imagination and feeling we are without art, music, and dreams...

When we are without practical reasoning and common sense the real world drowns in false notions and withers upon its own foolishness.

When practical reasoning and common sense pretends to act from the heart, we get shitty art, and soulless artifacts.

When imagination and feeling pretends to act for practical purpose we get chaos, sloth, and the rise of tyranny.

Feeling inspires imagination and practical reasoning inspires common sense.

Some are for some things and some for another. The real world would cease to function without either.

...Now, pay you bills, save your money, assist those in need, and listen to a good piece of music...preferably at an art museum and, by all means, don't pretetend that half of reality is invalid because you've locked yourself into illusions or self-deprivation.

Saturday, February 04, 2023


“Severance” and the Marxist Interpretation of …Everything

A friend of mine recently recommended the Apple TV television series, “Severance.”   Before watching it (I’ve since watched the first two episodes) I checked out some of the critical appraisals of the series on YouTube.  Many of them, along with their comment threads, interpret the series as a critique of capitalism. That may very well be the case.   I don’t know the producers ultimate motive in making the drama and I haven’t watched enough of it yet to determine the accuracy of that appraisal. 

Severance is clearly brilliant on several levels and interpretations that see it as a critique of capitalism may not be unfounded but…

Under all systems, many people will likely be subservient to a manipulative slave master, industrial Barron, corporate apparatus, or powerful coercive state authority.  The dynamic even shows up under teachers, spouses, and parents. Politically and economically, the issue becomes a matter of who will be the greater threat to autonomy and success, some “greedy” people who want to sell products and services or angry ideologues demanding you swallow their version of utopia. 

One appraisal of the series kept referring to “late capitalism” — a classic in the vocabulary of Marxists and other pseudo-intellectuals.  The “late capitalism” so often referred to by critics and academics is probably more accurately corporatism, the collusion between powerful corporations and government (also called fascism), at the expense of small businesses and individuals.   This state of affairs could just as accurately be referred to as late socialism as the state’s centralization of power has increasingly been helped along by compliant corporate interests. A false dichotomy becomes wedded in a common goal of subjugating humanity to the whims of a powerful minority. Put state and corporate interests on the same team and you’re really screwed. 

Praising Severance’s perceived critique of capitalism is beyond ironic considering that it’s the product of one of the largest corporate/capitalist entities on the planet (Apple).

I’m reminded of James Cameron’ caricatures of capitalism in virtually all of his films that end with a long list of credits to corporations responsible for making the films — poor oppressed James Cameron. 

In the current propaganda environment, it’s no wonder that so many citizens now defend or promote authoritarian measures like speech codes, raids on political opposition, and punitive attacks on free thought.  The population seems largely unaware that virtually every power-center in society (e.g. education, entertainment, media) is notably socialist in their views and goals.  Calling it “progressivism,” “Democratic” socialism, or “wokism” doesn’t hide the fact that it’s the usual aggrandizement of arbitrary and centralized authority. 

The lemming-like descent into statism is no surprise at a time where pseudo-rebels everywhere defend the dictates of pharmaceutical companies, the FBI, and every other organ of government.

Does it really make sense to despise the power of business institutions while simultaneously praising the consolidation of power into a true monopoly and mega-corporation — the government?

In the end, most people simply have a preference as to who they want to see with power and who they want to see punished for straying from a preferred dogma.  We support a certain clique in its will to power in the hopes that we will vicariously benefit from the imposed order (usually a mistaken expectation).  Or, we pretend we are selfless and willing to sacrifice in a contrived exercise of virtue signaling. 

Severance seems to offer some brilliant insight and entertainment, but some cliche’ interpretations can only go so far in seeking to understand underlying truths about the human condition. 


Friday, February 03, 2023


Chat GPT…and BS

Another new venue to shove phony leftist bias down everyone’s throat. Meanwhile, they’ll keep whining about FOX News and Breitbart.

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